"Echoes of Love"

Author: Kathleen Pickering

published by: Lionhearted Publishing

Rated: 4.5.

Melissa Ryan inherited half of the auction house of her aunt but her jealous cousin Mark does not want to share it with her. As revenge he auctions her sideboard - her only connection to her dead mother. Englishman Ian Marshall snatches the antique and whisks it to his estate in England. Melissa follows Ian to his home Crimson Vale demanding the return of her sideboard. Ian and Melissa feel attracted by each other and fall in love. But their love seem to stir up the ghosts of past: the ghosts of the ill-fated lovers who created the sideboard centuries ago as a proof of their love. This couple has been murdered by their enemy at the cliffs of the Seven Sisters. And it seems that there's also someone who tries to kill Ian and Melissa...

Kathleen Pickering's debut is a highly entertaining paranormal romance book with unexpected twists as well as a captivating love story of never ending love and reincarnation. Kathleen Pickering is a very talented writer and I hope to read more or her stories soon. Lovers of paranormal ghost stories, gothic books and romantic suspense books will love "Echoes Of Love". Even though it is very easy to spot the villain the story and the writing are wonderful and I highly recommend this book.

Reviewed by Angela, 12/22/2000.

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